What is Your Super Power?

If I came up to you and said, “This is not the best lemonade,” would you try it? “This is not the best lawnmower” – would you buy it? 

Change lenses now. “This is not the best college… not the best girlfriend for your son… not the best car” Would you say, “Count me in!”

So now you are out there in the world, and you want someone to hire you, promote you, date you, buy something from you. Are you the best? Well, they only want the best.

There is no way you can be the best everything in the whole world – you’re not superman…or God!

But you can offer the bestness of YOU. There is only one of you, right? You should be able to say, “You can buy the life insurance from anyone else, but what I bring to the table is one-of-a-kind: the way I care, the way I explain things, the way I understand you, the way I help you.

You can also add knowledge to the bestness of yourself: I studied the human body… I know a lot about social media… I read a lot about blockchain…I attended seminars on real estate…I have watched every single YouTube video about the Google Pixel!

Figure out what creates your bestness and show the world. Put it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. Make sure people know you as “that guy who knows a lot about SEO optimization, websites, finance, construction, etc.

Create your own Superhero emblem. What does it include – Then wear it like a superhero because you are a superhero, and you are about to save the day for someone out there when you bring them the BEST of You!

Go Shine Already!

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