Shiny Insights

These are short reflections that will help us think about our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as we try to SHINE in this world. The ONLY way that we can change our way of thinking is to put all this information out there – talk about it – learn about it – think about it – apply it. Let’s Talk – because it’s time to SHINE!

Be Odd and Be Great

I am odd, and I been odd since I was born.  Odd means unusual and beyond the usual or expected. As a Filipino being born in New York City and growing up in Florida, I was different than what the usual American looked like. My odd life included different food, different family activities, different church… Continue reading Be Odd and Be Great

Wear Your “Y”

WEAR YOUR “Y” This week, I had the best little parmesan bread pieces that are slightly crispy when you bite the outside and perfectly soft on the inside. And the parmesan! Oh my goodness, they are the best! They are a game changer! You cannot find anything else to compare!!!! Don’t you just want to taste… Continue reading Wear Your “Y”

Confidence to Ask

If you don’t ask for things, you won’t get them. Today I just want to share some wins that people have experienced because they asked. If you hear these things, you can realize there is more out there available to you than you thought. I know someone who wrote a certain dollar amount on her… Continue reading Confidence to Ask

Confront If You Care

We have a flickering ceiling light at my house right now. Sometimes it is fine, but sometimes it is like a strobe light. We keep putting off getting it fixed. We don’t take the time or the effort to call the electrician or pull out a ladder to check it. We really need to. Who… Continue reading Confront If You Care

What Other People Think

I heard this quote, and it is so profound I need you to take out a piece of paper and a pen and write this one down: “The version of you that other people have in their mind is not your responsibility.” Earlier in my life I spent so much time wondering what to wear:… Continue reading What Other People Think