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TOPIC: “The Beauty of Assertiveness“: Many people do not speak up because they do not want to be ugly, mean, and rude. Assertiveness is a form of communication that is firm, yet CALM and RESPECTFUL. When it is done right, it is Beautiful. It is time to speak up! Assertiveness helps to build stronger relationships in life, work, and families.

TOPIC: “Assertiveness and the Bamboo Ceiling”: The bamboo ceiling is a glass ceiling which prevents Asian Americans from reaching higher levels at their companies. Many believe that it is due to the discrimination of company leaders, but it also caused by the employee’s strong adherence to cultural norms which conflict with American leadership qualities.

TOPIC: Research Study on Filipino Culture and Assertiveness: 473 Filipino Americans from 35 states in the U.S. participated in a study on the correlation of Filipino cultural values and assertiveness, resulting in a negative correlation which indicates there is gap to bridge for Fil-Ams to find their voice to move in their companies.