About Dr. Abby

Who Am I?

I grew up in Tampa Florida, learning about life from my traditional Filipino parents and from the Filipino community and figuring out life in my American surroundings. I went to Stetson University and earned my degree in  communication studies, which led me into a variety of career settings including retail, non-profit, healthcare, and education. 

It was my 11 years teaching middle school students that gave me the handy tools for my parenting toolbox as I raised my three wonderful children. Watching them grow and analyzing their every move was my favorite hobby.

This might be why I decided to get my masters in management and eventually my PhD in industrial/organizational psychology (psychology of how people work). I love to ask, “Why do people feel the way they do and how do they communicate?” So many times, we don’t even realize why we do what we do.

In my role as the Director of Student Services at Everglades University, I get to help them find their best self to prepare for their future careers. Nothing can compare with the feeling of experiencing the joys and struggles of life with our students as well as the great solutions and opportunities that are available for them! 

I am excited about this new chapter of my life, where I get to tell everyone about what I discovered during my dissertation. It has totally changed my life, and I know it will change others! It turns out that so many people do not know how to be assertive, and this may be the reason they are not being promoted in the workplace. My study showed that Filipino Americans have low assertiveness when their Filipino cultural values are high. Many people have low assertiveness because of the values they were raised with. I want to open their eyes to see that they can be assertive without letting go of their values. I want them to realize that assertiveness allows them to be true to themselves, and without it, they cannot be their best self. I want to tell everyone to SHINE ALREADY.  This is my message, and I’m going to let it shine!

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