How to Build Inner Strength

I am going to tell you one way to build your inner strength.  There is a certain mistake that most people, even you, use in your everyday life, and it is like kryptonite stealing away your inner strength. But before I tell you what it is, I need you to time travel with me to 25 years ago.  I was working for a non-profit foundation, and we had a grand event to appreciate our donors. In the event program, the name of one of those donors was spelled wrong. And this was a super-important, big-money, deep-pockets member of the board donor, too. It was not a good situation. The day after the event, the phone call came in, and we knew that that call should be patched to no one else but Miss Patricia who was the queen of communicating with the donors.  From down the hall, we eavesdropped to hear how she would handle the situation. That was the day I learned to use her technique and I have used it for the past 25 years.  In her sweet and happy voice, she said, “Oh! Thank you so much for letting me know!”  

The mistake that I mentioned at the beginning of my talk is saying “Sorry” instead of saying “Thanks.” Here are some examples: If someone has to wait for you while you are finishing up with a previous appointment, you say, “Sorry for the delay…” You should be saying, “Thanks so much for your patience.”  How about if someone corrects a mistake you’ve made.  You shouldn’t be saying “Oh I am sorry about that.” You should be saying “Good catch!  Thanks for letting me know.” See the difference between  “sorry” and “thanks?”  Sorry indicates that you are inferior, while thanks makes you look like a kind and generous person offering recognition for someone else’s value.   

The words you use make a difference in your attitude, your energy, and your connection with others. I read this quote yesterday, and I love it: “Be careful what you say around yourself …because YOU are listening.”

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