Wear Your “Y”


This week, I had the best little parmesan bread pieces that are slightly crispy when you bite the outside and perfectly soft on the inside. And the parmesan!

Oh my goodness, they are the best! They are a game changer! You cannot find anything else to compare!!!! Don’t you just want to taste these little bread bites now??

Listen…when someone really feel and knows in their heart of hearts that something is the best in the world, don’t you feel it, too?

One reason people are not getting what they want in this world, like a job, promotion, a partner, that big sales deal is that they are not truly shining. They are not feeling and showing they are the best there is, better than anything else out there!

Today I’m going to share something I learned from one of my favorite celebrities, Jennifer Lopez!

But first I want to see if you have heard of Simon Sinek’s famous message telling us that we all need to Start with Why.

 It is so important to know the purpose behind your actions if you want to be successful.

I am here to tell you that Starting with Why will not work if you can’t wear your Y. Wear your Y..what is that?

Okay, well here it is! I learned this from Jennifer Lopez, not   personally, but I was looking at this photo of her and it spoke to me..not literally! Just look. When she comes out on a stage, she can do this. Like yes, it’s me. I have arrived. I am here and I am amazing. I looked at this picture and said, I could never do that! How many of us can really rock that Y pose? It feels very strange.

Well, social psychologist Amy Cuddy says that our nonverbal behavior governs how we think and feel about ourselves. Power poses like this Y pose changes hormone and cortisol levels that affect our brains.

This pose says I am the best. I am the best at what I do. I am the best wife any man will ever find in the whole world!

I offer the best product or service to you. If you can feel that world will not be complete without you and what you bring to the table, then the world will think the same!

When I walk out of my bedroom each morning, I do the pose across the living room to the kitchen..sometimes I say Ba Ba! It makes me laugh, but I feel so different each day. I want you to try the Y, wear it, and feel the confidence. That is a good place to start!

Go wear your “Y” and Shine Already!

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