Confront If You Care

We have a flickering ceiling light at my house right now. Sometimes it is fine, but sometimes it is like a strobe light. We keep putting off getting it fixed. We don’t take the time or the effort to call the electrician or pull out a ladder to check it. We really need to. Who knows? It could spark and make an electrical fire in the ceiling and burn the house down.

This is how it is with relationships. Assertiveness is saying what you want, need, or feel.  So many people think – I love my husband – I love my son – That is why I don’t want to confront them about spending too much money or not helping out in the house or leaving the door unlocked  – YOU DON”T WANT TO CONFRONT THEM – then I am telling you that you don’t love them!   By hiding your feelings, you RUIN the relationship because now you are hurt and you start resenting them. That does not sound like a LOVING relationship.

If you really love them, you need to talk to them in a proper assertive way.

Two choices: Would you like to have relationships with resentment or would you like to take the effort to communicate and have a healthy relationship?

Try this: Next time you experience something negative in your relationship, tell yourself that you LOVE this person enough to communicate, and then do it!

This is one way you can Shine Already!

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